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Partial List of Assignment Cases

Area Task Clients and Contents
Global Formulation of corporate strategy in the global market For a major automotive component manufacturer, reviewing their long-term corporate plan for improving profitability of their main business. JMS had estimated their global market size and set up sales and profit target, and formulated sales and product strategy to achieve its target.
U.S.A Drafting mid-term corporate plan based on overseas strategies For a major office equipment manufacturer, re-evaluating their overseas market strategies fundamentally due to severe business environment change. JMS had clarified the improvement points, based on the analysis of pricing and selling policy in North American market, and drafted their mid-term corporate plan reflecting these improvement points.
China Conducting business due diligence on potential Chinese business partner For a major wholesaler, planning to enter Chinese market for deregulation in China. JMS had drafted an alliance strategy with a Chinese state-owned enterprise to launch their products through the partner's sales network in China. JMS had conducted business due diligence on their partner's corporate plan, business operation system, organization system and made a report for their decision-making.
Australia Earnings recovery of Australia-based affiliate company For a mid-sized developer, studying on profitability improvement of resorts (including golf courses and a hotel) in Western Australia. JMS had developed the earning recovery plan and the cost saving proposal of the golf course, based on our field survey, interview with concerned parties, and analysis of operating hours.
Vietnam Establishment of global manufacturing system and reorganization plan For a mid-sized automotive component manufacturer, reorganizing production bases from Japan to overseas for the purpose of cost reduction. JMS had developed relocation plan to set up new overseas factory then eliminate and consolidate domestic one. JMS also supported identifying To-Do items, planning their working schedule, and conducting a progress management.
Japan Re-examining sales strategy of imported products in Japanese market For a small-sized food manufacturer, shifting to and concentrating on the market for business use due to the decision-making of its headquarters. JMS re-developed their market strategy based on interview with potential customers and grocery wholesale companies.